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Can an Employer have a blanket policy of not hiring any person with a criminal record?

Attorney Elizabeth Monnin-Browder of Hirsch Roberts Weinstein, LLP. gives some thoughts on things that employers should keep in mind when it comes to #criminallaw. When it comes to background and #CORI checks there are a lot of rules and laws a company needs to follow. There are some employers that are required to do background checks and some do them as a matter of practice.

Elizabeth explains what employers need to know when it comes to doing background checks and the reasons why they can choose not to hire an individual. In one example. a company ran a CORI check on a potential hire and it came back with #whitecollarcrime. Elizabeth advised the company about their rights and the rights of the person interviewing for the job.

There are many companies trying to hire employees right now making Attorney Monnin-Browder's help very important.

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